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About Ministry Layout 1

This layout allows your church to provide a central location for visitors to learn about your ministry as well as how they can get involved. It's a great option for any ministry! The design itself features a variety of image and content sections down the page, as well as highlights coming events, latest news, staff, and more! Feel free to use the layout as is or simplify it to meet your needs.

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Welcome to the Children's Ministry

At the Hill Country Children's Ministry, we seek to show children the love of Christ through Sunday school, AWANA programs, and much more! Below are some of the resources we offer.

Jenn Craycraft

Staff Memberoffice: (877) 452-0015mobile: (111) 222-3333

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Jenn Craycraft

Staff Memberoffice: (877) 452-0015mobile: (111) 222-3333

Justin Bodeutsch

Media Directoroffice: (111) 222-3333mobile: (111) 222-3333


Julie's Story of Purpose

Last year when my family moved, I was met with such great opportunity to figure out the 'what and why' of my day-to-day. Everything was new, so why not focus my purpose?

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Weekend Serving

Volunteers in Weekend Services specialize in hospitality, helping people feel like they've found a home at Worship Center.