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About Volunteer Layout 2

The Volunteer Opportunity Layout 2, allows your volunteer coordinator to fully explain the teams and positions that are available to your congregation. You can show a picture or video of what a person would actually be doing in that volunteer role. Let this Layout take some of the work out of your volunteer recruiting and explaining process.

Sites with Volunteer Layout 2

Check out some websites using the Volunteer Layout 2

Worship Center

3 Crosses Church

Harvest Bible Church

First United Methodist Church of San Diego

Production Tech

Sunday Morning

What to Expect

Audio/Video technicians make sure the music and preaching is heard and seen with excellence and clarity! We have a rotation of volunteers that serve on different weeks each month. There is opportunity for training, too!


  • Front of House mixing
  • Camera operation
  • Live-stream audio mixing
  • Wedding/funeral audio
  • Youth & college worship gatherings
  • Children's worship service



Phone Number

Not Sure Where to Serve?

Encourage visitors to reach out if they are unsure. This will take them to a contact form.

Help Me Find a Team

Title of Highlighted Team or Event

Use this space to highlight a story. This can be a team that is looking for new volunteers, a past event, or a testimony of life change after joining a team. Nam, ut paulo ante docui, augendae voluptatis finis est doloris omnis amotio. Quae diligentissime contra Aristonem dicuntur a Chryippo.

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