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Utilizing the Members database in Ekklesia 360, Members of a particular Group will be displayed. Here's an image-heavy grid view.

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Drew Goodmanson

Drew Goodmanson

Staff Memberoffice: (111) 222-3333mobile: (111) 222-3333

MonkDev leads the way in helping churches and organizations broaden their reach, deepen their engagement and develop their community using technology.

We do this through our teams years of experience understanding how to translate organization's missions to the digital space. MonkDev also builds web-based solutions to achieve our client’s goals. These solutions are built on Monk’s software suite that includes our web-based Content Management System, people management tools, private community software, mobile and social media integration; all built from the ground up around best-of-class technologies. Our solutions are used by thousands of churches, organizations and corporations around the world.

Clients are viewed as partners at Monk Development. We are committed to create comprehensive solutions to achieve their organizational goals. We recognize that our clients success online is critical to the ongoing achievement of our organization.